B Co. Loves Small Business!

I am just going to say it… I am one of those people who HAS to have coffee every morning, or else! Which is why I was so excited to hear my good friend Chad started his own coffee roasting company called the Gospel Swamp Coffee Roasters!  Since both my husband and I are small business owners, we are very excited to support other small businesses whenever we can (and because we normally get a better product).  So, after just a day and half of waiting for my coffee to arrive, the box was sitting on my front door step (love the packaging!) and lets just say the scent that came from that box, instantly put me in a better mood. Chad, sent me his personal favorites, roasted to order, with a handwritten note, "...Remember, 2 tblsp grounds per cup water. Enjoy". (Love the customer service!) Now, get on their website, support small business and enjoy Gospel Swamp Coffee Roster's amazing coffee! 

What I received in the mail… Love the earthy vibe and the handwritten note!

Picture via 365 degrees

Don't forget! 

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