Palm Springs

We're going to Palm Springs this weekend for a little downtime by the pool for my birthday!  I'm hoping to get a little site seeing in between sunbathing and fine dining (by that I mean whatever we decide to bbq :)).  A few of my stops will definitely be...

and of course...The Viceroy

I'll let you know how it goes!


Still No Dining Table

Yesterday, I went to the Long Beach Antique Market in search of a dining table, lamps, books and a few other items for clients, and came home with these instead....

I couldn't come home empty handed! Because my dining table search has been so unsuccessful, (and I'm just a little too picky) I've decided to make my own! Remeber that table I said I would kill for a few posts ago??? Get excited... 


B Co. Loves Small Business!

I am just going to say it… I am one of those people who HAS to have coffee every morning, or else! Which is why I was so excited to hear my good friend Chad started his own coffee roasting company called the Gospel Swamp Coffee Roasters!  Since both my husband and I are small business owners, we are very excited to support other small businesses whenever we can (and because we normally get a better product).  So, after just a day and half of waiting for my coffee to arrive, the box was sitting on my front door step (love the packaging!) and lets just say the scent that came from that box, instantly put me in a better mood. Chad, sent me his personal favorites, roasted to order, with a handwritten note, "...Remember, 2 tblsp grounds per cup water. Enjoy". (Love the customer service!) Now, get on their website, support small business and enjoy Gospel Swamp Coffee Roster's amazing coffee! 

What I received in the mail… Love the earthy vibe and the handwritten note!

Picture via 365 degrees

Don't forget! 


I'm Loving...

Camel + Black + Grey...

Now, the new banner above makes a lot more sense :)


Viceroy Anguilla

While I was in school, I had an internship with Kelly Wearstler. To say it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life would be an understatement. The amount of information I learned, and being involved in such a unique creative process really changed me as a designer, not to mention all the incredible designers who are a part of her team. During the time I was there, I worked on the  Viceroy Anguilla Spa and couldn't wait to see pictures of when it was completed after I left.  Though these pics aren't of the spa, you can imagine how amazing it must be!  Even more fabulous than I could've imagined...but what else would you expect from Kelly Wearstler.

PS. I might kill to have the dining table that's in the first/second image! 


It's all in the details

I was doing my morning go around of blogs today and my first stop is always Habitually Chic.  Heather (founder of this brilliant blog) posted photos from a shoot she just did of the "bachelor pad" and gave her readers the low down on shooting interior spaces. My next shoot will definitely benefit...Read it!!  Vignettes have always been a favorite of mine to view in magazines and blogs. They say a lot about the details that overall shots cant tell and create a definite mood. Here are some vignettes that inspire me...

Soft + Feminine

Classic + Bold 

Retro + Glam

Tastefully Cluttered