The Nanz Company

I have this chest that I've been refinishing and I have such a specific idea of what I want for the hardware, it's been, IMPOSSIBLE to find.  While I was (obsessively) searching out this perfect hardware, I came across The Nanz Company.  I had browsed this site before, but never have I lusted over hardware like I did when I was reminded of the incredible knobs, pulls, latches, etc they have. I have yet to find out a price on any of these, but I probably don't want to know.  

This one would be perfect in Burnished Brass!


Faceted Pendant

I love love love this pendant from West Elm.  
It reminds me of one I saw at the National Gallery Cafe in London, which makes me want it even more. 

I would never go out to eat!


What do you think?

So, I just inherited these vintage bookends that I think are beyond fabulous.  The husband hated them when I first brought them home, but now, he says they are growing on him :) How do you feel about them?

While we are on the topic of horses...

You could wander around this site for hours...I have...a few times.


Say hello to my little friend!

My previous laptop finally died last week, after 5 faithful years, which is the reason for the very infrequent posts. Sorry about that. But don't you worry, because I just got a beautiful, new MacBook Pro and I'm very anxious to start blogging like a maniac, (and getting my work done, of course) so get excited. More to come!! 



The Soho House Group is a group of hotel's and exclusive clubs that are scattered throughout London and New York. Each House has a very different feel, but all have one thing in common, the tubs are integrated into the living/sleeping spaces. I think I could get used to soaking next to the fireplace. 

The Perfect Pouf

I realize that the John Derian pouf train arrived long ago, but it doesn't change the fact that I still love these adorable little poufs more than ever. They are hand made in Morocco and come in every color imaginable. They are handy when seating is limited, and sturdy enough to be portable side tables (my favorite trait since I am constantly moving my acrylic nesting tables around to accommodate my laptop). I think I would like 2 grey and 1 gold!